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Jobo 3006 Expert Drum (for up to 6 sheets of 4X5 or 5X7)


Choice between brand new or lightly used drum. See pull-down menu for options.

There is no better way to process sheet film or prints than with an expert drum.

This is a unique product in the world of sheet film processing, and is considered by many to be the industry standard for film processing.

It will hold up to 6 sheets of film (in sizes up to 5X7) at a time.

Uses very reasonable amounts of chemicals.

Results are always super even and consistent.

To learn more about the use of expert drums see here.

Using expert drums means less chemicals- your process is more efficient and more environmentally friendly!

Includes the special 3007 cleaning sponge tool.

*3360 foot pump is highly recommended for opening expert drums. See bundle pricing in this items options.