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Kowa Graphic 305mm F9 lens for Large format and ULF (Computar) in copal #3s


This is the legendary Kowa Graphic 305mm F9 lens.

Covers 11X14, and some online sources say this covers 14X17 and 20X24.

In any case, it offers massive coverage, well beyond most other lenses of this focal length.

It is a modern APO corrected lens, with excellent multi-coating and a modern shutter.

If you were looking for a Dagor 12", here is your chance to get that unicorn lens with modern coating, modern glass, modern shutter and colossal coverage.

Point of interest - Computar and Graphic Kowa lenses are all the same (and all were made by Kowa in Japan).

Shutter fires nicely on all speeds.

Aperture is hand marked and accurate.

Includes retaining ring.