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Photometer 2: Large Format Focal Plane Meter


The Photometer 2 was developed in consultation with a group of large format photographers who wanted an affordable solution to image-plane point metering.

Although image plane metering systems of this type have long been available, the hefty price tag (admittedly providing extensive and sophisticated features) has made the cost prohibitive for amateur and cost-conscious professionals. The solution was to develop a less sophisticated and less feature-heavy metering system. One that provided the essential basic functions in an affordable, yet accurate and reliable unit.

The result is a convenient, hand-held metering unit. It comes with a metering probe in a frame that inserts into the camera in place of the usual film holder.


- Convenient, hand-held, battery-operated meter unit (intuitive and easy to use)
- Ideal when using the Zone system
- Meter light level at any point in the image plane
- Metering probe and frame inserts in camera in place of standard film holder
- Optimize exposure settings for highlight, shadow areas and mid-tones
- Two memories; store shadow or highlight tones while metering another to
optimize exposure across the image
- Wide sensitivity range; exposures from 1/2000s to > 1 hour
- Adjustable film speed