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Phototherm Sidekick SK-8 fully automatic film processor (Jobo alternative)


Rare, highly sought after, compact automatic processor.


Phototherm Sidekick SK-8
1 four reel film drum (brand new)
Four Paterson style reels (well used)
Power cord (not seen in photos)


Machine fully tested and serviced.
Support and parts are still readily available from Phototherm (we just ordered this tank and spindle directly from the company).
Very small foot print.
Comes with pre-programmed channels for most popular processing types: C-41, E-6, BW and more.
Process any photographic material- BW, C-41, E-6.
Fully automatic self cleaning.
No need for hot water inlet- built in water heating system.
Chemistry collection system built in (user controlled).
Built in backup battery option (batteries not included, function not tested).


The external housing and lid show some scuffs, bumps and staining, as seen in photos.
This machine has been adjusted and is in good working condition.
Guaranteed to work as intended.