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VDS II 8X10 ultralight Stainless/Blue bellows field camera (PRE ORDER)


PRE ORDER-5-6 week lead time.


This camera is brand new.

The VDS is made in Hungary and is an amazing, modern, light-weight field camera design. Hand made and precision built, this is an excellent option for someone looking for a BRAND NEW camera. This camera features excellent movements, rigid and solid construction, fine materials and easy operation.

VDS II includes these improvements:

Bubble level on top frame.
SS hardware.
Bright and Sharp Polycrylic ground "glass".
Improved bellows material.

Camera features:

Ultra light weight - 3.35KG.
Composite bellows construction (water/dust/tear proof).
Front shift, swing, tilt (on and off axis) and rise/fall.
Rear tilt and swing.
Max bellows is 22+ inches. Minimum is 3 inches or less.
The back can easily be set up for vertical or horizontal positions.
Plain ground glass is bright and easy to use.
Holders are used and tested LIGHT-TIGHT.
Camera takes standard Sinar/Horseman lens boards.

Ask us about adding a 4X5 reducing back to this kit.