About CatLABS

CatLABS of JP Darkroom Resources and Service

CatLABS Darkroom resources and service specializes in traditional photographic equipment, from film processing and darkroom gear, to large format cameras. 
CatLABS is the exclusive distributor of Jobo analog products in the US, and a factory service station for all your Jobo service and spare parts needs. 

CatLABS specializes in Large Format photographic equipment, and is a one stop shop for everything large format, we are one of the only places in the world specifically dedicated to Large Format photography, and carry a wide range of cameras, lenses, film holders, tripods, film and all other accessories related to Large Format photography. We refurbish and service all large format brands, and represent several leading camera brands and makers in the US.

CatLABS publishes
Papersafe magazine, a biannual publication that is dedicated to analog photography. Its goal is to create a current, critical and thought provoking showcase of analog photography from around the world. Each issue covers a single subject through photographs and thoughtful, relevant texts. It is printed in limited edition formats with each issue’s edition size being less than 100.


As part of a responsible and sustainable business model, we here at CatLABS have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint out of an understanding that it is part of our social responsibility as a business.

We now hope to take this further by examining the gender gap. As a whole, our industry is largely dominated by men, which creates even without malice, a challenging environment for all those who are not, or do not identify as men. Add to that a substantial wage gap and it becomes even more detrimental to diversity.

CatLABS is excited to offer a Gender Wage Gap discount starting January 1st, 2016. With this offer, extended to all non-male buyers, we are providing a 10% discount off list prices of all used (and in stock) large format camera kits, and Jobo processor kits. While we know that this offer will not change the gender imbalance in the photography world, we hope that it at least creates more awareness of it and encourages other retailers to consider how they might be able to be part of the conversation about this topic. 

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