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Sinar Norma 8X10 large format camera with 5X7 and 4X5 frames *NEW 5X7 BELLOWS*


The Norma is Sinars original system design. A highly modular and versatile camera system. Most parts are interchangeable with other Sinar cameras from any other format and product line, including lens boards, standards, rails, bases etc'. Offering a fully articulating body and extreme precision. Classic, timeless design, this one of the most stable large format camera systems available.


- Sinar Norma 8X10/5X7/4X5 camera combo kit
- Standard rail + medium extension + long extension rails

Camera features and condition:

- Fully articulated body
- Classic, timeless design made with the best possible materials
- Positive center detentes
- Spring lock back and bail lever is tight and works perfectly on ALL THREE
- Both 8X10 and 5X7 bellows are BRAND NEW (5X7 is OEM Sinar unit, 8X10 is
a modern, after market unit)
- 8X10 back has a brand new high precision KB Canham ground glass
- 5X7 back has an original Sinar ground glass
- 4X5 back has an original Sinar ground glass + fresnel lens combo
- All three backs can easily be set up vertically or horizontally
- Camera is used, in good working order, and shows normal to heavy signs of

Please see the detailed photos.

We have MANY lenses, Sinar lens boards, wide angle/bag bellows for 8X10 and film holders in stock. As us about a bundle deal for this kit.